Students Reach New Heights in Tri-C’s Honors Program

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By Melanie Ellis


At Tri-C, opportunity presents itself to college students in the form of various programs and activities to help further their education. Whether it’s Degree in 3 or Community Education, these programs can help students improve themselves academically. One of the programs that can help students even further is the Tri-C Honors program.

The Tri-C Honors program helps students become more actively involved in their learning and improving themselves in their education. It is designed to help students through critical thinking, smaller student ratios for better attention, and is a great way for students to interact with one another. It also presents numerous opportunities, such as scholarships, leadership, and even helping them transfer to 4 year universities.

Herbert Mausser, the Assistant Dean of the Honors and Experiential Learning programs, elaborated on how the Honors program can help students with their education.Hebert Mausser (2)

“The honors program is set up to give academically talented students the opportunity to go a little bit deeper into their studies, and also to get other opportunities related to their academics,” says Mausser. “It’s really more to really help the students get more out of their academic experience while here at Tri-C.”

Luc Kiebre, a Tri-C student who’s been involved in the program since 2011, explained how the program has been beneficial to him and helped him on his educational path.

“Since I’ve been in the program I’ve been getting better grades than when I was taking regular classes,” said Kiebre. “The classes that I take are more challenging and the classes allow you to do more than what the typical class offers.”

Tri-C offers many ways to help students achieve academic success that it is nearly impossible to fail. Tri-C also offers many great resources that can be beneficial to students and is always open to help. So why struggle the entire way through college when you can excel? For more information about the Tri-C Honors program or how to apply, visit today.






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