Women Overcoming the Storms of Life with the Help of Women In Transition

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By: Lore C-Smith, Eastern Campus Staff Writer

Director of Women In Transition Cicely Campbell at eastern Campus location. Photo by Isaiah Jackson.
Tri-C has a long history of providing resources and programs to benefit its students from many different and unique walks of life. Whether you are a student learning English as a second language, or a student that hasn’t been to school in a few years, Tri-C will guide you through whatever transition you are in. Women in Transition, which is offered on four campuses, is a great resource for women transitioning into student life.
WIT has been in existence for many years. “It was founded in 1978 (then was called Displaced Homemakers). Its initial purpose was to train women who had lost their main source of income through divorce or death of a spouse,” says Cicely Campbell, Director of Women in Transition.  “Today WIT serves a more diverse population. Namely empty nesters, single mothers, women recovering from addiction, formerly incarcerated women, and women with a career or degree who want to re-invent themselves.”
WIT has  an eight-week non-credit program that is transforming and empowering women through education and training so they can be productive members of society. These skills makes them  more marketable as they pursue employment.
“They are taught soft skills such as communication, how to accept feedback such as constructive criticism, working collaboratively, computer literacy and time management, just to name a few,” says Campbell.  “After completion of the program, some women seek employment while others transition in Tri-C as students.”.
Having gone through her own transition, Campbell’s biggest challenge was becoming a mother during grad school.  She did not quit nor give up, and she graduated with her master’s degree in social work.
She empathizes with the emotional plight women can go through as challenging situations propel them to make real life decisions.
“Nearly all of the women who walk through my door for an intake assessment, have a transition story to tell, thus the reason I keep Kleenex nearby.  Most are very broken from life-occurring events,” says Campbell.
WIT has proven to be a rewarding experience not only for the students participating, but for Campbell as well.
“The hugs and thank yous are worth their weight in gold.  I definitely believe that I am in my purpose on this earth doing what I am purposed to do.”
Are you a woman at a transitional crossroad in your life? Perhaps the Women in Transition Program at Tri-C is the door you need  to open future opportunities.
Remember the words or Maya Angelou:
You may encounter many defeats,
but you must not be defeated.
In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats,
so you can know who you are,
what you can rise from, and
how you can still come out of it.
For more information about WIT call to schedule your intake assessment at:
Eastern Campus: (216) 987-2272 Metropolitan Campus: (216) 987-4187
Western Campus (216) 987-5091 Westshore at Corporate College West: (216) 987-3899
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Women Overcoming the Storms of Life with the Help of Women In Transition

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