Clothes Help Transition from School to Work

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By: Molly Black, Metro Staff Writer

When people are making the transition from one life event to the next, oftentimes it can be difficult and frustrating. Concerns about having the proper attire to wear to work after not working for a while, is one refrain. Women in Transition (WIT) wants to help people get the professional clothes that are often out of reach when making the move to work and they’re doing this with their project Hope’s Closet.

“This is our third annual year, there will be a combination of fashions for women and men to choose from,” says Kendra Willis, Women in Transition. “We do not charge for this service, it’s a free shopping experience for women in transition, veterans, and the student body at large. By offering free professional clothing and accessories to people who need the boost for networking, interviews, and/or daily work life, WIT hopes to boost people’s ability to make that change from student to professional,” says Willis.

The third annual “Hope’s Closet” is on November 17, 2017, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Metro Campus, in the Student Services building, on the second floor. They are excited to receive clothing donations from not only individuals, but also Tri-C faculty and staff professionals, and local businesses. They donate much of their bounty to the charity Cleveland City Mission so that nothing goes to waste.

If you have any donations you would like to make, please contact the Women in Transition Program Office at 216-987-4187 or you can email Kendra Willis at

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