Tri-C and Diversity

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By: John Kay, West Contributing Writer

Cuyahoga Community College believes in the power and importance of diversity in education. The college’s stance on diversity has been a constant throughout the years and continues to develop to enable more student involvement. Tri-C has multiple campuses across Cuyahoga County, but its statement on diversity remains the same.

The Diversity Statement proclaims, “Tri-C stands with the belief that diversity enriches not only the institution, but society as a whole, and therefore committed to appreciate diverse perspectives and valuing the collective differences and similarities that make Tri-C a leading community organization.”

Not only does Tri-C believe in a diverse education, they create a beneficial environment that allows students to engage in activities and groups that expand their understanding and comfort zone. The Inclusive Excellence & Equity states, “Achieving the Dream (ATD) defines equity as ‘eliminating achievement gaps and significantly improving outcomes for all students, one learner at a time.”’ Students are given a chance to participate and capitalize on countless opportunities throughout their education.

Such activities include: The Celebrating Diversity Speaker Series, Hispanic Council, Black American Council, Veterans Initiative and so much more. This past year, I was honored to have been apart of the Conversation Connect program. The program encourages students to interact with fellow students from different ethnicities and cultures, thus creating important dialog on diversity.

Cuyahoga Community College is dedicated to offering Northeast Ohio a respected and affordable education. Try-C has laid a solid foundation for years to come by continuing to value diversity through its ongoing activities and educational groups. The words of President Alex Johnson represent what Tri-C values, “In a time of divisive rhetoric and actions that increasingly polarize our society, it is important to recognize our shared responsibility to ensure that our future is brighter not for just a few but for all.”

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