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By: Naleta Andrews, Metro Staff Writer

College can be very overwhelming and sometimes it can be hard to get one-on-one tutoring in the student service center. If you’re serious about earning a degree from Cuyahoga Community College or if you need help transferring to a University, TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) can definitely help you.

TRIO is an incredible program that is here to help students in a variety of ways. Not only do you get access to tutors who are only available to TRIO students but also Student Advisors who assistance with finding scholarships, applying for financial aid, connecting students to campus and community activities. Students even occasionally gets tickets to local sports, theater or art events… and so much more. Even better is that all of these activities are offered to students in the TRIO SSS program completely for FREE!

TRIO SSS is a part of a “TRIO Family” of programs that exist nationally at many colleges and universities. There are ten (10) 4-year universities in the state of Ohio that offer TRIO SSS programs so you can even continue your involvement and ensure your continued support as a student once you transfer.

The amazing part about TRIO is that they treat their students like family. TRIO staff create real relationships with students and get to know your personal circumstances.  From the TRIO Director to the TRIO tutors, each person becomes your personalized support team, helping you to maintain success through to graduation.

The goal of the TRIO SSS program is to assist income-eligible and first generation students to enroll in and complete a post-secondary program. If you had an I.E.P. in high school and currently have one on file with the ACCESS Program, you are also eligible to apply.

You only need to apply, be accepted and actively participate in order to remain involved in the program.  Once you are accepted, you will have access to tutoring assistance in subjects like Math, English and Science and will be part of the program until you graduate.  If you haven’t applied yet, visit the TRIO SSS office in MLA 103 to pick up an application.

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