Tri-C’s Fear Factor Event: Where Your Fears Become A Reality

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By: Joanne Ferrone, West Associate Editor

Imagine a world where your greatest fears become a reality. That’s what happened to contestants at Tri-C West on Oct. 27 during the Campus Activities Board’s Fear Factor event. Ten students battled in an assortment of thrilling and bone-chilling stunts to compete for a grand prize.

The rules of Fear Factor were simple. Two contestants were eliminated at the end of each round. If any student failed to make it through an entire round, she/he was automatically eliminated from the game.

As rounds progressed, stunts became more difficult to watch. The participant who successfully made it through all five rounds was declared the winner of Fear Factor. The grand prize was a $200 Visa gift card, second place was a $100 Visa gift card, and third place was a $50 Visa gift.

Here’s how Fear Factor played out. Round one was “Spooky Faces.” A rather Fear-less event where ten participants had to create the scariest face by putting makeup on to create the scariest face; without using a mirror. Afterward, the audience was asked to cheer for their favorite spooky face.

Round two was the messy “Balloon Shaving” event. Eight contestants, dressed in plastic garbage bags, were asked to shave balloons covered in shaving cream. The goal was to shave the most balloons without popping.

During the upcoming rounds, Fear Factor began to spice things up by incorporating more taunting events. However, the worst is yet to come.

Although it sounds innocent, round three was “Trick or Treat.” With the pack dwindling fast, six contestants were justifiable blindfolded, fishbowls placed in front of them, each containing the same variety of items, and the challenge was to grab as many Tic Tacs as possible. Little did they know the fishbowls were filled with a combination of Tic Tacs, saw dust and live mealworms. Needless to say, sawdust began to fly all over the stage.

Readers, you might be able to guess the next trick, or was it a treat? During round four, the “Dog Food Transfer,” had four willing participants moving dog chow from one dog bowl to another. Here’s the catch, they could only use their mouth because their hands were handcuffed behind their backs. The person to transfer the most kibble won and was the winner of the $50 Visa gift card.

Fear Factor lived up to its reputation with the final round because it was both nauseating and grotesque. Two remaining contestants vied for the $200 Visa gift card in the “Ice Cream Sundae Stunt.” Each student was provided a bowl of delicious ice cream; that’s not so bad, right? Then each student had to draw four numbers out of a cauldron that contained several corresponding names of pre-selected yummy toppings for their sundae.  Some of the toppings included: ketchup, mustard, vinegar, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, etc. Instead of the traditional “cherry on top,” it was replaced by live, juicy, disgusting mealworms. The first contestant to completely finish his/her sundae and not vomit for 30 seconds afterwards was the winner.

After that round, who would want to participate in any additional Fear Factor events?  My stomach began to hurt just writing this story.

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