Heard In The Hallways: Positive Advice For President Trump

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By:  Alaina Bradley, East Staff Writer

“I’d say if anything, he should start surrounding himself with people that are more, financially aware of what is going in the lower class. Right now, he wants to build America as a business based America but those who aren’t in high end business are the ones that’s going to suffer the most.”
–De’eric Stowers

“My advice for Donald Trump would be to learn to be quiet at times and to get a more open mind. A lot of times it seems like he is just biased on a lot of stuff. He should get to know others better and know where we come from and how to help everybody.”
–Tea Porter

“Donald Trump what I would like to say to you is to listen to your peers, follow what the people want to do and follow your heart. Your goal is to make America great again so make America great again. Show us what you are made of and show everybody their vote counted and mattered.”
–Carmen Fell

“The advice I would give to Donald Trump is to look at the past presidents and see all the mistakes they made. Try not to make the same mistakes they made, I know that sometimes Donald Trump says some stuff that people don’t agree with. I think it’s the way he says it and he should approach things in a different way. Listen to the people, be for the people, and accommodate the people.”
Kevin Moore

“To not be too concerned with the business side of things and take in other people’s views.”
–Daniel Murray

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