On The Right Track

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By:  Isa Moore, Metro Staff Writer

Following up on our last report of our home team The Tri-C Challengers when we were just starting off our season at 2-0, here’s your update on the team we hold close to home. –Nearing the end of the regular season, our home team, The Cuyahoga Community College Challengers have done very well.  They are maintaining a winning record of 20-1; 8-1 in the OCCAC (Ohio Community College Athletic Conference). The Challengers are currently ranked #4 in the country’s latest NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) Division II polls.

But of course, with a good team comes good players. The Challengers currently have four players averaging in double digit figures, as well as Devon Robinson, a freshman guard, who was recognized as Conference and National Player of the Week in December. While we are looking good right now we still have games to play as well as goals to reach. The Assistant Coach, Thomas Coleman, made it voiced their goals ‘to lock the #1 seed in the conference tournament and obtain our goal to be National Champions.’ We wish our home team luck as we continue to support them, our team, The Cuyahoga Community College Challengers.


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