Satisfying Taste Buds with Campus Cuisine

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By: Aaron Moorman, West Social Media Editor

For students at Tri-C, food is likely an integral part of the day. Regardless of whether you are on campus for one class, or several, there is a good chance a quick bite or a full meal is thrown somewhere in the mix. So where do Tri-C students go to satisfy their hunger?
Westwood Café is the go-to destination on the Western campus. There is a wide selection of standard grill items, and a different combo meal every day, as well as plenty of drink options. Let us not forget the salad bar, or better yet, the sweeter snacks at the register. Whatever the preference, there is something for just about everyone, and reasonably priced, too.
Any student who has attended West for at least one semester is probably well-versed in the goings-on of Westwood Café, and many may even know that the company Aramark manages the café. For our freshman and CCP friends; however, paying for breakfast or lunch on campus may be something new. Who is Aramark anyway, and what else might they do outside of Tri-C?
Aramark is a customer service business operating in 18 other countries besides the United States. Serving more than just food to millions of people across the world, the company also assists various organizations with facilities management as well as uniform care and delivery. Aramark has grown quite a bit since its founder, Davre Davidson, first began selling peanuts out of his old Dodge in early 1930’s Los Angeles. In 1959, William Fishman joined the Davidson brothers to form Automatic Retailers of America, or ARA, which is where the name Aramark is derived from.
Looking for less solid, more caffeinated substances? Venture no further, because Aramark also manages Java City in the lower level of the Student Services Galleria building. The Metro and Eastern campuses of Tri-C have great places of their own where one can whet his or hers’ appetite. Café 4250, for example, is an Eastern campus institution run by culinary students who serve their fellow student body. Students who find themselves at East for a class, stop by and give them a try.

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