Success at Annual Tri-C Dating Show

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By Omar Faisal, West Staff Writer

Love was in the air in the WSS north auditorium at the Western Campus on Tuesday, February 9th. The dating show, hosted by the Campus Activities Board and Student Government, started off with the bachelorette, Sarah Litchney.

Sitting on the stage, Sarah asked three potential suitors prepared questions to judge who would be the lucky guy. As the contestants competed for Litchney’s heart, she asked questions like, “I like a guy who knows how to dance… show the audience what you got!!”

The host, wearing a white button-up sweater and a giant red bow-tie, would then instruct the first contestant on what to do, or hand the microphone over for him to answer the question. Once all three contestants have had their turn, the audience would judge who won the round by clapping and cheering for each contestant.

As the show went on, the empty seats started to fill with interested observers. Around the seats lay pink flower petals scattered across the floor. On either side of the stage were two grown men in Cupid outfits holding golden bows of love.

On the left side stood a middle aged man wearing pink shorts covered with white hearts, a pink tank top labeled “hunting for love,” a yellow headband, and golden wings to match his love bow.

In the end, Sarah Litchney chose contestant number two, Aaron Anderson, as the lucky winner. Both cupids shot their arrow of desire from opposite sides at the two love birds. They each got a $25 gift card to either BW3 or AMC theaters.

Rumor has it they exchanged numbers and were found sitting with each other after the show. When asked what they like most about each other, Litchney said “I like that he seems dedicated and he’s just a hard working person. I liked his answers, he seemed nice.” While Anderson said there were just so many things he liked about her. He liked her interesting hobbies, how she was nice and sweet, and how she is someone he could be around for a long time.

Both Litchney and Anderson had a blast at the event. The Dating Show was both comical and entertaining, and they would recommend other students to participate at the next event.

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