Challengers Seek a Challenge

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By: Dylan Doyle, East Staff Writer

On Wednesday, February 22nd, our Tri-C women’s basketball team, the Challengers, played their final home game of the season at the Eastern Campus. They triumphed 96-45 against the Commodores from Lorain County Community College. This final home game also included a celebration of the school’s sophomores, featuring free hotdogs and popcorn for the spectators and a heartwarming halftime visit from the parents of the players.

The Challengers have been doing quite well this season with an overall score of 19-7 as of this writing, which is likely to land them in 2nd or 3rd place depending on how the final few games pan out. If this game was any indicator, the Challengers will definitely be pushing right through the remaining competition. The match started with number 24, Ebony Young, winning the tip off and setting the tone for the rest of the game. The entire team carried a palpable energy and played with incredible speed and aggression, ending the first quarter 29-5.

“Our women’s basketball team is very interesting to watch, mainly because of how aggressive they play,” said Jayla Knight, the president of Student Government. “A lot of people underestimate women’s basketball teams with how aggressive they can play, but they play just as good as guys, if not more aggressive.”

Even from the sidelines, Challengers coach Derrick Williams has a presence you can feel. Throughout the game he can be heard calling out adjustments and encouragement for the players. Coach Williams has been coaching for 33 years and his investment in the success of the team is noticeable for all to see.

“Every year I try to retire, but I tell the parents I’m gonna be here for the kids so they put me in for two more years,” said Williams.

During the second quarter, something special happened. Player number 21, Darian Carter, scored the 1,000th point of her career! Student life advisor, Melissa Swafford, brought some very large and festive balloons to commemorate Darian’s impressive achievement. Darian said that this will be her last year playing basketball and felt happy to be ending on a high note.

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