ThRIve & the Entrepreneur Expo

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By: Deniece Diggins, East Editor in Chief

ThRIve is a business organization led by students at the Metro Campus that strives to promote entrepreneurship while positively impacting the community thru local engagement. Each year, Tri-C students contend for 1 of 4 coveted spots in the ThRIve office, where they can learn first-hand about entrepreneurship and program development from founder and counselor, Prof. Andrew Badja, as well as other Business professors on campus. This year’s ThRIve students are Traci Summons, Alexandra Scott, Chandra Thompson and Taneshia Jefferson. Together along with their counselors and board members, were responsible for putting together this year’s Entrepreneur Expo that was held at Eastern Campus on March 10.

The Tri-C Entrepreneur Expo is an event that is an incredible opportunity to expose Tri-C students to businesses and entrepreneurs through valuable resources and networking. As part of the Stokes 50 Year Anniversary Celebration, it was free and open to the public and has a different feel from last year’s expo by including alumni, program information on college offerings, and providing a professional photographer to take headshots for students that needed to update their portfolio.

“Everyone who is interested in learning more about how to start a business, how to promote their existing business, or just to learn about business programs available at the college would find this event quite helpful,” says Masta Johnson, a ThRIve Board Member. “But beyond that, anyone interested in social networking while meeting interesting people within the community should find this event quite enlightening.”

Johnson gave a lot of feedback on the valuable benefits students can gain from the Entrepreneur Expo. “If students have an idea in their head but are not sure how to express it this would be an event they’d want to attend,” says Johnson. “They will benefit from seeing their fellow peers’ business and be able to ask questions on how they balance everything.”

The workshops this year included “Make Social Media Work for You” presented by Kellie Emrich, Ph.D, and “Get Your Business Started” presented by Derrick Pledger, Ph.D.

Tri-C provides awesome opportunities to capitalize on the student experience by providing an avenue for development and growth. If you missed the 2nd annual Entrepreneur Expo, there’s always next year and there’s no doubt that ThRIve will continue to facilitate an incredibly beneficial experience.

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