Tri-C Community Helps Its Fellow Students

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By: Molly Black, Metro Staff Writer

For those students that have a need for assistance with food and toiletries, there is help in the form of the Student Life Food Pantry. Students can look to other students for help, whether it is due to short-term need or whatever your situation may be. This free-for-students Food Pantry is run by Tri-C’s Student Government.

In order to access the Pantry, a student needs to be currently registered with a Tri-C student ID card to be shown when choosing food. There is a limit of eight items once a week, so if you come in on a Monday, you can return the following Tuesday. Besides food there are also toiletry items such as toothpaste and soap available and these do not count toward the eight items.

There is a limited resource, however, and there is need to replenish the Pantry, especially around the Winter Holidays, when it is most needed. To help restock the shelves this Spring 2017, the Student Government and Phi Theta Kappa will be joining together to ask for assistance, in the form of a food drive, as well as by placing collection bins for donations around the campus.

There are also occasional requests for help from businesses, thanks to advertisements placed in the Metro Express Weekly.
The Food Pantry is an important resource for the students. Heidi H. Hubbard, Phi Theta Kappa, President of the local chapter said, “Though we do have flyers posted, they are on bulletin boards that are overpopulated with other stuff which can make it difficult for students to notice them.”

“With the Student Life office having to move around during the construction on Metro Campus, it can make it hard to track down exactly where the Pantry is currently,” says Jennifer Ellis, Director of Student Life.

The Food Pantry is now in the Student Life room, which recently moved to Metro Stu-dent Services (MSS), Room MSS-209, and is open from Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

On Metro Campus, there will be collection bins for donations of sealed and non-expired food items and sealed and non-expired toiletries in multiple places:

Metro Liberal Arts (MLA) MLA-118, Black America Studies MSS-312, Trio/Access MLA-103, Veteran’s Affairs MSS-500, Student Success Specialization Office MSS-617, Metro Recreation Center (MRC) and at the Student Life office MSS-209.

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