Dancing with the Dean

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By Dylan Dean, East Staff Writer

On Monday, March 6, the first monthly activity involving Holly Craider, Dean of Student Affairs at Eastern Campus, took place. These monthly events are intended to showcase resources available to students while also providing a fun environment. The kickoff event, Dancing with the Dean, provided an hour of music, dancing, free food, and an opportunity for students to come talk or dance with their personable dean. Several tables were set up to inform students of the resources that Tri-C offers, such as transfer assistance. Students who visited all of these tables were given a Tri-C t-shirt and entered into a raffle to win a pair of Beats wireless headphones.

The study lounge was used as the dance floor for the event where students and faculty flocked to show off their moves. The faculty proved to be much braver than the students, sliding into the dance line to the tune of “Wobble Baby” without hesitation. Holly Craider could be seen at the center of it all, looking right at home on the dance floor.

“I always love it,” said Craider. “I think it brings people together and I think it lets people see a different side of the dean.” She also had this message for all of the students: “I like to have fun. Let’s have fun together and let’s also do what we need to do to finish out this semester strong.”

Some students seemed hesitant to put themselves out on the floor, saying that they couldn’t dance or would feel too embarrassed. Alexis Mann, an aspiring med student, hopped right in to join Holly and the rest of the faculty.

“I like that [Holly] gets to interact with the students and faculty in a more fun and calm environment,” said Mann. “I actually didn’t know the dean before this, so this has been a good experience for me.”

Dancing with the Dean was just the first in a series of monthly events so keep an eye out in the coming days for more fun festivities with Holly Craider.

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