Gradfest Prepares Students for Graduation and Life After Tri-C

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By Hannah Lovejoy, West Staff Writer

With the end of the spring semester fast approaching, countless students are preparing for graduation. Graduation can be a stressful time for many. Deadlines, interviews, jobs, and more responsibilities, all loom over students heads. Luckily, Gradfest is the perfect remedy to help sort out the concerns of some students.

Gradfest (previously named ‘Got a Plan?’) is an event that takes place in the springtime to help students ease their way into graduation. Gradfest allows students to meet with more than thirty colleges from around the area, all the way from Cincinnati to Toledo. This is the first year that the coordinators of Gradfest incorporated this many transfer schools.

Gradfest also allows a student to meet with a counselor to map out a road to graduation. Services such as Financial Aid, Scholarship Application Completion, and looking at a student’s loan history are also available.

“These were the largest Gradfest events we’ve had to date,” says event coordinator Heidi Nicholas, “It was nice to see our students planning for their future.” Roughly one hundred to two hundred students attended the Gradfest event at each campus.

This year, Gradfest changed its course from previous years. Instead of just focusing solely on a student’s academic plan up to graduation, the coordinators put a dual focus on academic planning and on planning their lives post Tri-C.

“The events have gone great. Students seemed to really enjoy having this opportunity,” added Nicholas. “Students love being able to connect with Tri-C resources and especially, they love connecting with four-year colleges. It gives them the ability to see how their life beyond Tri-C can look!”

This year, Gradfest took place on Monday, April 3rd at West Campus, Tuesday, April 4th at East Campus, Wednesday, April 5th at Westshore Campus, and Thursday, April 6th at Metro Campus.

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