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By: Alaina Bradley, East Staff Writer

As the Spring semester comes to an end, a lot of students around campus are eager to get their summer plans started even if some of them are coming right back for summer semester. What are your plans for the summer?

  1. Te’Angila Porter, Business Management “My plan for the summer is to be working at Cedar Point in Sandusky for the next five months.”
  2. Zavyer Watson, College Credit Plus Student “My plans for the summer is to take Spanish here and then I have two other jobs that I will be doing in the summertime, and then a competition with Leaders of Tomorrow of the NBMBAA [National Black MBA Association].”
  3. Brandon Tsirlin, Associate of Science “Well I’m going back to my summer job so I’m going to be working two jobs and then I’m going to be taking two classes at the Western campus.”
  4. Juliet Mbugua, Nursing “I’m taking classes for my prerequisites for Nursing. I’m taking Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology.”
  5. Donna Erwin, Associate of Science “I’m not working but I registered for a class, Women’s Studies.”
  6. Jasmine Toney, Associate of Arts “I am taking a summer course, Intro to Sociology and I looking to find a job for the summer.”
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