True Life: The Journey of an Immigrant

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By John Kay, West Editor-in-Chief

America is the land of opportunity, enriched freedom, and enlarged social and economic liberties. For these reasons, America has become the nation of immigrants. Many immigrants swarm to the U.S. for a variety of reasons contingent around the chance to live better lives; that is such the case with Tri-C student, Abdullah A-lmutairi.

Abdullah, an immigrant from Kuwait, first arrived in America in the summer of 2015. His mother, a breast cancer patient, came to the U.S. with hopes of better treatment from the Cleveland Clinic.

Abdullah spoke to his families’ condition that brought him to the country, “I came with my two brothers Abdulaziz and Mohmmed and my sister Reem to reassure [my mom] and return back home with my mother, but her treatment didn’t finish and she was still sick.” Furthermore, Abdullah and his family decided to stay with their mother during this difficult time.

Eventually, an immigration attorney had advised his mother to start the legal process for the family to become citizens. Their legal status took up to six months to be finalized, but it was an important step that would allow Abdullah to advance in his education.

For most, the transition to legality is not as simple, and it is often met with many complications. Fortunately for Abdullah, his journey in the land of the opportunity has just begun. He is currently enrolled in ESL classes at Tri-C West and has enjoyed being more engaged in expanding his English vocabulary.

As can be imagined, an immigrant confronts a formidable language barrier that will make transitioning difficult. “As you know the hardest thing I dealt with since I came to the U.S. is the foreign language,” said Abdullah, “but now I’m managing a little bit because [of my] ESL classes, and I’m learning a lot with my magnificent teachers Ms. Peluszkewycs and Ms. Schwieterman.”

“I’m learning more using the language with my wonderful friends John Kay, Tim Pojman, and Natasha in the Conversation Connection. Because of this amazing group, [whom] I first dealt with, I will say that I like most the kindness and the helpfulness of the citizens of America,” expressed Abdullah.

Abdullah’s story may be unique compared to the average citizen, but what doesn’t resonate with most Americans is the fact that its country’s very foundation and deepest roots are of immigrant origin. One could say that the story of an immigrant represents the very essence of the American dream. Freedom and opportunity are not only domestic luxuries taken for granted; they also serve as a beacon of hope for those on a journey to find it.

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