Tri-C Offers Benefits and Services to Student Veterans

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What does it mean to be a military veteran? To be accepted by the Veterans Association and federal and state government, the service member must have completed at least 180 days of consecutive active duty service. This allows the service member to qualify for a characterized discharge from the armed forces and become eligible for veteran benefits.
But being a veteran goes much deeper than any definition. Being a veteran shows you were willing to lay your life on the line for someone else’s–someone you never knew and probably never will know. When you sign a military service contract, you give up your life for at least four years to serve others.
But you’re not alone. Cuyahoga Community College, West Campus, has a large veteran community: between 250 and 400 student veterans walking the halls e very day. The CRILE Veterans Services Office in G112A is a warm and
friendly environment for veterans, with friendly staff who are veterans themselves.
“It’s all about student success here, and these people are like brothers and sisters to me,” says the leader of the office, simply referred to as Matt, who served four years in the National Guard.
“I love helping them out anyway I can.” With people like Matt in charge, it’s no wonder Tri-C has been ranked as a military-friendly school for eight years in a row.
“I’ve actually been to two community colleges before this one, and I think Tri-C the best,” said Meredith Mox, a Navy veteran of six years and now a Tri-C student. “I love the veteran programs here.”
The Veterans Upward Bound program is just one of the programs and initiatives of Tri-C that help veterans succeed. It allows veterans working toward their first college degree the opportunity to receive a free refresher course and
tutoring, as well as support.
Whether they were unable to be with their family for Christmas, missed the birth of their child, or lost a limb, these veterans need to know the benefits and programs that exist for them. They’ve earned it.
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