BASEBALL: Tri-C Challengers Win Three Games in a Row

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Cuyahoga Community College’s baseball team, the Challengers, started strong on the nine-inning game against the Windsor Selects on September 22. Tri-C had a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the second inning, with Dustin Redish pitching. Redish dominated the opposing team, almost inducing a no-hitter game for the Windsor Selects.

The Challengers continued this show of strength into the third and fourth innings. Garett Robberts hit a home run and brought home Zach Desa from second base, making the score 4-0 in the bottom of the third. At the top of the fourth, the score was 6-0. The Windsor selects were finally able to make some headway in the fourth inning by stopping the Challengers from scoring from the top of the fourth until the bottom of the seventh.

With the score still 6-0 as they headed into the bottom of the sixth inning, the Challengers still had a comfortable lead. They switched pitchers from Redish Dylan Brister. In the top of the seventh, again with no more points scored, the Challengers changed pitchers from Brister to Axel Bueter for the rest of the game.

The challengers would put six more points on the board between the eighth and ninth innings, ending the game with a score of 12-0. The Challengers took this momentum to the September 23 games against the Triple Crown Royals and Team Ontario. Tri-C won against the Triple Crown Royals 11-0, inducing a no-hitter for the opposing team. They won again against TeamOntario 8-6, making a comeback in the last inning and scoring four runs.

“Our guys are killing it out there,” said Bob Merritt, the Challenger’s pitching coach. “We’re halfway into the season, so our guys right in the swing of things.” Things look very promising for the future of this team.

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