Everything You Need to Know about Tri-C’s Services

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Cuyahoga Community College is pretty big. It is easy to get lost. Although, this great amount of space brings with it a great amount of services. If you have any questions, the Information Desk can answer them or point you in the right direction. This is vital. It is nice knowing no matter how lost you feel, there is someone at that desk to show you where to go.

Women in Transition offers a variety of programs for women, whether you are a widow, a divorcee, a job-seeker, or just someone in a rut. With a goal of helping women live better, healthier lives, the Women in Transition program offers free, non-credit courses. They want to help women get from a low point in their lives to a high point.

The Career Center is possibly the single best perk about being a Tri-C student. Their goal is to help you obtain a job. They will do their best to help you create a resume, prepare for a job interview, and even help you find a job opening at Tri-C or a business they have connections with. They do not promise to get you a job, but they do anything they can to give you the best chance possible of finding one. Helping students earn their Associate’s degree in three years or less is the goal of the Degree in 3 office. If eligible, a student can get additional funding and financial aid here.

“This program also has monthly meetings with its students to ensure they are on track. They really try and help you succeed here at Tri-C,” said Danielle McNulty, a Tri-C student and parent. “I’m a student, and the father works, so D in 3 helped me rearrange my schedule. They want to keep things as flexible as they can to help me earn my degree.”

The Library at Tri-C is a temple devoted to learning and literature. The librarians are always agreeable and willing to help students find a book, journal, or magazine about any given topic. It is always quiet and a great place to meet with people for studying or group work. The Technology Learning Center is dedicated to two things: tutoring and technology. They have dozens of computers, all for the use of students at Tri-C. The TLC also offers tutoring services. Depending on the subject and time of day, it could be instant service, or it may require a scheduled appointment. Either way, you know you will be receiving quality help from people who know what they are doing.

The Student Support Services, also known as “Trio” helps students who are first-generation college students. Trio helps students with sorting out financial aid, tutoring, and counseling. Their goal is to help students who don’t have support at home.

“You can have the best cheerleaders possible at home,” said Sarah Eakin, an advisor at Trio. “But if they don’t know how to navigate college and help you, that’s where we come in.”

Last but not least is the newly opened Transfer Center. This is where students who plan to transfer to a four-year university should go. They assist any student who has already earned an Associate’s degree or wants to transfer credits. They can also put you in contact with representatives from various universities. Tri-C has too many programs to name here, but all of them have one thing in common: a singular goal to help you succeed in your academic career. They can show you all the paths to success. All you need to do is look.

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