Cupid Strikes Again at Tri-C West

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By: Richard Monastra

Love filled the air and rose petals dotted the ground in the North Galleria of Cuyahoga Community College West Campus. Brawny bachelors and beautiful bachelorettes competed for their chance at a Valentine’s Day date. There was a feel of infatuation and affection in this rendition of Tri-C’s “The Dating Game Show.”

Demands of dances, drinks, and decisions kept the energy going between contestants and the audience. Round one hit the ground running. While the bachelors and bachelorettes were up there, they asked their perspective dates to answer questions and do various tasks. There were answers everyone laughed at and others that would make Saint Valentine himself blush.

The first bachelorette asked for everyone’s favorite joke. But when it turned into an insulting match, Bachelor 1 yelled out “These are roasts! Not jokes!” with a roar of laughter in response. Then things got interesting when the guys had to do 20 pushups as quickly as possible.

Hoots and hollers were in ample supply. “Nervous-Exciting-Ambitious” were the three words the first charming chap, Stone Burkey, used to describe his time up on stage. Stone said his favorite question was “What is your dream wedding like?” Burkey responded, “Well…I want a barn wedding. But it has to be lit!” Not to mention the chugging challenge. All the lucky ladies had to chug a cup of water. That was a crowd favorite for sure.

The contestants were not the only ones up there! The show was curated by crown cladded cupids. There were cute fairies dressed in gowns and bows and assisted with everything. The hosts brought a special energy to the stage. All this combined for a great show with heartthrobs thrown into the heat of things.

“Fun-Scary-Adventurous” was how the lovely sweetheart, Sara Lowrie described her time upon stage. Lowrie said her favorite question was “If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?” Her favorite answer? She said she liked them all. It made it difficult to choose a bachelor.

Next year, be sure to enter your name in to be a lucky bachelor or bachelorette on Tri-C’s ‘’The Dating Game Show’’.

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