Donut Fest Sells Out in Cleveland

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By: Hannah Lovejoy

If you ever had dreams about being surrounded by fifty different types of donuts, Donut Fest is the place to be to make those dreams come true.

Cleveland help the annual Donut Fest at Red Space Events on East 24th in downtown. With eleven tables setup with local donuts shops handing out multiple flavors of their best sellers, the possibilities were endless for taste buds.

Tickets granted patrons into Donut Fest were given numbered tickets for each donut business, three vouchers for coffee, and a goodie bag to take home. T-shirts, mugs, and other Donut Fest memorabilia were also available for purchase. Adding, a photo booth with donut related props greeted guests right at the entrance to capture the excitement of the event.

Of those in attendance was the rising local company, Vegan Donut Company of Lakewood. Vegan Donut Company was started by sisters, Kyra and Kharisma Mayo. Co-owner of Vegan Donut Company, Krya Mayo shared, “We had just started up when last year’s Donut Fest came through. Since we missed that one, we knew we had to get into this years.”

They were offering their bestselling Creme Brûlée filled donut hole. Mayo continues, “The donut making process is a lot more tasking than people realize. With this donut (Creme Brûlée) a yeast dough is make, then let sit out to proof, then cut and formed into circles and let to proof again, then fried, then filled, then coated in sugar.”

“Do-nut” be upset if you missed out on this year’s Donut Fest, it will make its proud return next year!

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