Helpful Phone Apps for Student

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By Hannah Lovejoy

If you are anything like the majority of college students across the globe, then staying motivated and on top of school work is one of the most of the most stressful aspects about being in school.

Luckily, people out there have created apps that can help make not only students’ lives, but a good majority of the populations lives.

Sit down and get out your laptop or smartphone because your life is about to get much more organized. Here are five apps every college student MUST have:

1) Chegg- This app is free and offers thousands of textbooks to buy or rent at a much lower price than at other retailers. There is a one-time fee when a first order is placed with Chegg but after that, only the cost of the textbook is needed after that.

2) iHomework 2- This is a free app that tracks assignments and tasks, offers a handheld personal calendar to     help plan out ahead of time, a place to log grades, courses, and professors.

3)iTunes U- This is a free app that can either be downloaded with an older model of a iPhone or already be available on a newer model of an iPhone. There are thousands of audio and visual files  of lectures of professors all over the globe. Lesson plans and books are also readily available. A professor you have might even post their classroom content to the app too.

4) Alarmy- Although this is not a free app ($1.99) it is by far very worth it. This app has an alarm that can be set and when it goes off, the user can choose to either solve a math problem, shake the phone, or take a picture of a certain object in the room to disengage the alarm.

5) Mint- A free app that manages finances, bank accounts, bills, credit cards, and investments. It also can track your credit score and track and review your spending habits.

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