Swim After Class at East

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By Jhamella Haynes

Did you know that you can receive swimming lessons at Cuyahoga Community College Eastern?

The swimming pool in the recreation center is open to all students who are enrolled. Recreation Coordinator, Tyron Hayes, oversees making sure everything runs smoothly within the recreation center (i.e., the gym, indoor track, pool and even the weight room).

The recreation center is open and free to students who are attending Tri-C or memberships are available for non-students. Andre Morton, who prefers to be known as Coach Andre, has been teaching all levels of water aerobics at Tri-C since 2013. He grew up in Warrenville and learned to swim before age 10.

Coach Andre began as a lifeguard and says that he enjoys helping people learn to swim because sixty to seventy-five percent of African Americans cannot swim and he would love for that percentage to decrease.

According the Coach Andrea, “Water aerobics helps people to become healthier. Taking this class along with using our weight room on campus would have you in shape and living healthier. Sixty-five to seventy-five percent of people who take the classes are seniors. Doctors recommend for seniors to come to Tri-C and take the non-credit course as rehab to stay in shape or as a step in becoming healthy again. A woman who once had hip surgery joined and used our recreation center to get better and started to walk again. This center is one of the many things here provided to help our community.”

 To take a course with Coach Andre you would be required to pay out of pocket, financial aid is not accepted as it is a non-credit course. You would register as if you are signing up for any other course. Metro and Western campuses are working to have this program on their campuses.
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