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The Westshore Student Government Officers kick off the year with training alongside Student Board Scholar, Chris Cullen and Campus President Dr. Terri Pope the Dean of Learning and Engagement. Which also included Dean Bob Searson and the Dean of Access and Completion, Dean Ann Proud t at Corporate College West on Thursday, August 30th. The Student Government with their advisors Amanda Fronek and Jillian LaRiccia advocated for students and discussed their goals with the Campus President, Deans, and Board Student Scholar. Their goals include increasing student involvement in clubs and organizations as well as originating clubs. They host events such as fundraisers, student gatherings, all whilst providing community service opportunities for students. On Thursday September 6th, the Westshore Student Government marked their first meeting of the year. At the Corporate College West nook, the Student Government have already begun preparations to work towards meeting student needs as well as the communities.

With helpful insight from a new student Muna Haroun, the Student Government is figuring out ways to teach students how to find information about various clubs and events happening around campus using the Tri-C website. If looking up information isn’t your style, keep a look out for emails sent by Tri-C Westshore Student Engagement, who send out weekly emails of events around campus to your student email addresses. Also, look for emails sent by the Office of Access and Completion, who sends semester updates. Student Government President, Erlando Muhameti, eagerly plans to schedule community service projects at the 3rd Student Government meeting.

This will be held at the Student Government’s regular meeting place and time in the Corporate College West’s nook on Thursdays from 3pm to 4pm. I encourage all students to more like Adolphe Musanga and Muna Haneun, join the Student Government at their next meeting. The Student Government is always looking to hear the needs of all students and would love to hear your input. To help accommodate the evening students, the Student Government decided to incorporate evening meetings into their schedule, which will begin Thursday October 4th, from 5pm to 6pm at the Corporate College West Movie Night. The Student Government is still deciding when to hold a meeting at the Westshore Health Careers and Sciences building, but will hopefully be set on a date in the near future. On behalf of the Westshore Student Government, we are looking forward to making this year one filled with improvements for the students and success.

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