Stomp Is the New Mascot Tri-C Deserves

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On Monday, September 9th at 11:00 A.M. at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C)’s Metro campus had a dinosaur-sized event as the introduction of a new mascot, Stomp the Triceratops, made its first ever debut to the public. This was not only the reveal of our long-horned companion – it was also the celebration of Stomp receiving its new name. It is definitely a fresh start at a new look for all of Tri-C. Stomp was gifted with a big welcome and showered with hugs and high fives. 


According to John Horton of Tri-C’s Integrated Communication Department, five different names were suggested for the mascot including: Tank, Tricky, Trike, Spikey, Spike, and Stomp. After a two-week balloting process, the name “Stomp” triumphed on top with a total of 1,031 votes.  On March 28th, 2019 that our logo has taken its true form. 


The moment Stomp stepped foot on this campus, history was being made. Students and staff were filled to the brim with glee and school spirit. It was truly a day to remember. A time that will never be forgotten, the highlight of the school year that shall live on for generations. Many memories were made that will never fade. Forever existing in the minds and souls of the college family. This day was beyond legendary. A figure that shall inspire many minds and touch many hearts. Then the future of this college has been kicked into full throttle. 


Things will never be the same. Anyone who was on campus at this point in time felt the school spirit flowing within the air. Inspired to aim high to achieve their goals and transform into the leaders of tomorrow. Walk with their heads held high and their hearts filled with passion. Nobody will ever feel that nothing is possible. The future begins here, with a new mascot. 


Stomp was created to inspire everyone inside and outside of the Tri-C campus: to help bring joy to the people of this school. Newcomers will now have a reason to roar with confidence and integrity. The debut of our costumed companion will spark fire in the souls of that walk the halls of this esteemed institution.  


Additional Facts About Stomp: 


Height: 7 feet tall, horns and toes

Major: Plant Science and Landscape Technology  

Jersey Number: #63 for the year Tri-C opened.    Favorite Cartoon: The Flintstones 

Favorite Food:Big Salads 

Favorite Movie:  Jurassic Park 

Favorite Music:  Anything with horns 

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