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Author: Camille Carter

Here we are in a brand-new day in time where technology has taken social connection to another level. We live in a time where face to face interaction is starting to become something that is a thing of the past. Instead of getting involved into social gatherings we are launched to stay on our phones, tablets and or laptops and that is not good for anyone. This is targeted towards the younger generation that is growing and developing in a time where tech is the biggest thing that is in demand. What can truly be done about this? Might you ask, well for starters we can get younger people to want to be outside more, to get some fresh air and to let the sun hit their face. Maybe going for a walk in your local neighborhood or just to get some nice pictures if you’re a photographer its always something to see around the city. Such as the Rockefeller park which has over 33 gardens distinct cultural or nationality groups and they host an event called “the One World day” every year before the end of the summer normally in august.

What your looking at here is a map of the park and the 33 cultural gardens that are in this area. There are not any flyers out currently for the event this year given the current climate of the country. The cultural gardens are still a nice place in Cleveland that you can go just to walk around and admire the beauty that is nature. As people it is important that we get out and get active, it’s both good for our health and overall our wellbeing, and if you can’t go outside try doing some fun work out in your home to get hat blood flowing right and your energy level high. Being what it is called to some  “techno social” has its pros and its cons, and lets dive more into the pros first hand you can use apps on your phone like Facebook and Instagram to reconnect with your friends who you haven’t seen in a while. You can also track your overall health and diet, order food and groceries without really any effort, you don’t have to buy books you can read them or listen to them off your phone you have apps such as Wattpad, apple books , amazon kindle and etc. Now let’s dive into the cons of these devices for one if you spend too much time on your phone the light rays from the phone can strain your eyes , two if all your focus is on your phone then you wont be watching your surrounding very closely making it easier for predators to spot you. Our devices preferably our cellphones are the things that society values most and sometimes its goes to far, to the point if there is something around you that is happening the first thing that you pull out is your phone to record. We are slowly beginning to lose our way of life, better yet our humanity our care and concern for one another. Say if phones, laptops, tablets and all the latest tech didn’t exist? Which it was a point in time that it didn’t but what would most of us do in today’s generation if it became a reality? Some of us if not all spend so much time engulfed in our phones that we cannot see the very thing that is truly important and of value, and that will forever be human connection.

We are not robots , we are full flesh humans with feelings, emotions , expressions, talents galore we must not waste that or lose sight of the essential part of what it means to be human, and without solid human connection how would the world look? How would generations after ours look in the future with all this technology that is being presented to them? Most at very young ages probably by the age of 7 or 8 have cellphones while most would agree that is too young, others might say that its due to the unsafety of our neighborhood’s while kids that young would have cellphones. As a people it would be more suitable to not always rely on tech and just because it has the capabilities of being shut down, malfunctioned ,or having technical difficulties , but as it stands in this time that our country is in with the virus technology is playing a beneficial role to continuing out our education. With that said let us remember to put what truly matters first which is our families, communities and remaining able to share our humanity again.

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