Fox News VS. Cleveland Clinic

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Author: Amandya Wells

We all know Coronavirus is real, for some more real than others. Some people are protesting in Columbus to reopen Ohio for their own reasons. However, you put it to some degree we all know it’s real. Whether you believe Amy Acton and Mike DeWine on Fox 8 news every day at 2pm when it comes to peak or you believe Cleveland Clinic when they have determined when to peak it, just we need to believe it’s real. 

Ohio is reopening in phases, starting with a slow beginning phase that consists of opening businesses, with taking in up to 10 customers. Employers must use every precaution necessary when bringing employees and customers into the building. Some of these include, having employees wear masks and if necessary, gloves, taking employees’ temperature before they walk in, as well as customers’ temperatures, if need be, and supplying disinfectants for countertops and hands. 

We have two versions of when peak will be. Amy Action from the daily briefings believes it’ll be mid-April to Mid-May however Cleveland Clinic believes it’ll be later possibly Mid-May till Mid-June. Amy Action works with some professors at Ohio State for her information. Unfortunately, not many people know what Cleveland Clinic believes because it isn’t largely publicized; you really must google and dig deep to learn what Cleveland Clinic believes. 

During the briefings Mike DeWine comments that whenever they receive information pertaining to coronavirus, we will know what they know. “We will tell you what we know when we know it.”  Said Mike DeWine.  They are remaining transparent by putting out information once they know it to help keep the state up to date on everything. He also mentions the state of Ohio is doing great. The numbers are going up but they will continue to until we hit peak.  

We as a state determine our outcome. Keep Social Distancing ever after the state begins the process of reopening.  Your actions impact our future.  

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