Kait Berg

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Kait Berg  

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Personally, I have used this time we have taken apart for self-reflection. I have come to terms with myself and my surroundings. I learned how to stay home and accompany myself. With the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases, the days inside became stretched. At first, the lockdown did not feel real. Why do I have to stay inside alone? Why do I have to wear a mask in public? Why am I still working? How long will this go on for?  

Similar questions raced through our minds, all without an answer. In March, I looked at the quarantined lockdown as a downside, until I learned how to be alone. The months after, now approaching almost 7 months since March, I learned, and am still learning about myself. I got in touch with my creative side and started making artwork again, I began meditating again, and I even took time to myself to relax and watch television. Without the busy day-to-day running around, I was able to slow down. I was able to look at quarantine on a positive note and reflect on who I am, and what it means to be me.  

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