Maya Serna Covid Diary Issue 3

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Covid Diary Issue 3

I used to be part of a creative teen writing group, but after the pandemic hit, I took a long break from writing for fun. Now, recently, I have been getting back into writing poems and short stories and creating different artwork based on my own or other peoples’ writing. I love creative writing because it gives me an outlet to get my feelings out into the world. Covid has been frustrating for everyone I’m sure. It’s discouraging how slow the response has been. I spend most of my time at home, so I’ve had time and reason to get back to my writing. Over the years, I have had a few of my poems published, and one day I hope to write a book.

In addition to my poems and short stories, I finished my college application essays. I even included one of my poems in my personal statement to make it more unique. I’m excited to be graduating this spring and moving on to a new university. It’s hard to believe that it has been more than a whole year since Covid started and almost a year since our first lockdown here in the US. Since my family is moving this summer, I really hope the Covid vaccination process speeds up. It would be so amazing to be able to see all of my friends safely and in person before leaving! Hopefully, this next school year will also be a lot less impacted by the virus, and we will be able to get back to campus.

Besides writing, I have been trying to read books apart from school, and I am currently readingThe Secret History by Donna Tartt and theShadow and Bone series by Leigh Bardugo. After that, I plan on reading The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and Como Agua Para Chocolate by Laura Esquivel. Books provide me with a fun escape from reality, helping me stay grounded and learn new things. As I mentioned, I also like making art, andThe Secret History includes a lot of Greek and Roman references which inspired me to make myself a new bookmark. I used markers and watercolors to paint a simplified version of Sandro Botticelli‘sThe Birth of Venus.

Time feels like it is passing so slowly and yet so fast. My days tend to blend together, but I stay busy with classwork so I don’t get bored. Two of the classes that I’m taking this semester involve math, so it’s a bit challenging, but I know I’ll get through it. We all will. Good luck with your classes everyone, remember to take breaks and don’t forget about the importance of self-care.

Here is one of my favorite poems, written by me of course:

The King

And there he sat on an iron throne

But it seemed to me a dragon’s wing

Weathered by the cracks and the rain

And with a rustle of the leavesHe vanished

Away into the cold desert night

The lost king He has seen more than I ever might

Learned so much from watching by the wall

Ever so still

For a century

For faith, for love

Will he remember me?

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