Nina Serna Covid Diary Issue 3

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Covid Diary Issue 3 by Nina Serna

Every part of our lives has changed since the pandemic started in ways that are both big and small. For artists, our art is no exception to this. Before the pandemic, my photography always had a huge social aspect. I participated in photography programs at the Cleveland Print Room every week, and always in person, for classes, field trips, and artist discussions. A big focus of my art was on people. My artwork surrounded my friends and my peers.

Now, I still meet with my peers from the Cleveland Print Room every week-virtually, of course-to discuss our art. It is always a highlight of my week because I get to talk with other young artists and learn about the variety of ways others are finding to express themselves through art right now. It is always comforting to know that other people have the same burdens and challenges in everyday life, as well as with creating art during this time.

Since the beginning of quarantine, I have also opened the door to experimenting with different art forms like origami, painting, digital illustrations, jewelry making, sewing, and more.My art has helped me realize that even when a bad situation is beyond your control, you can still find ways to make the best of the situation. For me, that means exploring and broadening my imagination, learning from others, being open to new possibilities, and always creating beautiful art.

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