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Our recent election will certainly go down in history for many reasons. From being the first incumbent president to be unseated since George H.W. Bush to the rampant cries of voter fraud across the country, anyone old enough to remember the past few months will not soon forget this polarizing event. The loss of the presidency for Former President Donald J. Trump has greatly upset some, while others, as you can see in videos taken in November, stormed the streets with cheering and tears of joy. Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, you can agree with me that it was a monumental experience to witness, not least because we have our first Black and first South Asian female Vice President, Kamala Harris.

I personally fall on the part of the spectrum that was relieved to see the end of the Trump presidency, but who also knew that the Biden presidency would not change nearly as much as many hope for. I am a believer that politicians are not to be idolized or put on pedestals, but instead, they are to be viewed as humans who must keep the promises they made us, the American citizens. Unfortunately, while President Joe Biden has refrained from the inflammatory Twitter posts and blatant racism that made the majority of America turn away from Former President Trump, he has already started a dangerous pattern of breaking the promises he made during campaign time. I am disappointed by this, but not really surprised. I encourage all of you, no matter where you stand, to continue to use your voice and your platforms in a respectful manner to hold your government responsible for the promises they made. Together, we can begin to make the strides we so desperately need to.

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