COVID-19 Diary #4

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COVID-19 Diary #4

Can I ditch this itchy mask? Certainly not now. With the wide distribution of the COVID vaccine, many health experts argue about whether it is necessary to continue wearing safety mask. Because there are many people that have not yet received the injection, health advisors warn against unmasked public intermingling between the vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. At least once a week I receive a notice stating that an individual on college campus has tested positive for the Corona Virus, this tells me to remain cautious.

 Yesterday I received an email stating that Tri-C’s employees and students can register for an appointment, to receive the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. According to the studies of the CDC, individuals who are injected with a Moderna or Pfizer vaccine are close to being 100% secure from the Corona virus. The Moderna requires a double dosage and has a four-week spread. The good news is if you are a part of the body of Tri-C and you are seeking to be vaccinated, you can email Doris Williams to book an appointment. 

Although I am ready to get back to normalcy and enjoy the new season, I know I can’t retire my mask just yet. From the moment I became aware of the pandemic I have prayed for an antidote, and I was elated that one has finally arrived. However, I realized that I have not been able to rely on an injection this entire bid, and I am finding it difficult to rely on anything chemical related lately. All the while I am so excited for those who have jumped at the opportunity to receive the vaccine, but I am still hesitant in receiving my own. Being in solitude I have had the opportunity to study myself, and I found that everything changes. With the intake of new information, it is not healthy to have a closed mind about people, places, or things.  I have been dealing with the unknown of this pandemic that affected my family and millions of people across the globe, maybe that’s a good enough reason to be skeptical, but the skepticism won’t last. I know that the day to choose is near, and the thought of me endangering someone else troubles me. In the multitude of my thoughts, I know that everything will pan out for the good.

Various news sources say that everyone who plan to return to on-campus learning must first receive the vaccine. I am not certain of who and what institutions this may apply, but I do know that On-campus learning has worked wonders for me. I enjoy interacting with my fellow peers, and I miss life on campus. I also find comfort in not traveling to an institution, but anxiety grips me when I must figure out an assignment for the first time and email is my only option for clarity. I know what I’d like, but it’s more about what I need.

 Lately I have not been in complete solitude, on Easter my niece had a giant bunny stop by my parent’s home to surprise the children. After the bunny left, I had a whole chicken and a giant pan of macaroni and cheese in the car. I noticed my dad fired up the grill, that’s when I pulled out my fully seasoned chicken. I thought it was funny because both of my parents said that they were not cooking a huge meal, yet everyone that stopped by received a nice portion. That evening I learned that kickball is great for social distancing. My adult brother and I played a game of kickball with the children. We had no bases and every time one of the children kicked the ball my brother claimed they struck out. When it was his turn, he kicked the ball so far away no one could tag him out. Although he cheated it was still a great game, the laughter was much needed.

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