COVID-19 Diary

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COVID-19 Diary

COVID really hit home for me, I ended up losing my job and it caused me to get into a deep depression. Even though the workplace opened back up they never called me back to return.  Being a mother of two small children it was very difficult to figure out options as far as money because I didn’t get approved for the unemployment when everything went down. Both my son and I caught the virus and things went downhill from there. I could hardly fulfil my duties as far as taking care of anything household wise because I was so weak. 

The job search was hectic and eventually after nine long months without working I finally landed a job. Though that didn’t last long because I had to quit soon after because both children were sick again with the virus and I had to miss two weeks of work. I ended up landing a new job soon after, but it’s still been tough, especially not knowing what will happen next. Overall, I was able to start up my own business and make side money to help with living expenses. COVID may’ve kicked me down but I came back up swinging.  

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