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On-Going Nightmare | Covid Journal

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During my ongoing covid-19 nightmare, I came to notice it seemed as if the deadly virus is keeping many people home and not so much from the going out day and night process but mostly from work. Everywhere I attend to have some form of service rendered, it appears as if these establishments are currently void of the labor that’s needed.

Everywhere I attend to have some form of service rendered, it appears as if these establishments are currently void of the labor that’s needed. I had come to know this problem was occurring everywhere from the school system having very few school bus drivers to many stores having a lot of unpacked merchandise out on the retail floor, there are not enough workers to help unpack. 

I came to a couple of stores with my shopping list within a three-day span. The second store I only attended due to not being able to get the needed items from the first establishment, as the manager stated to me that he is very certain that those requested goods have been delivered but just haven’t been stocked due to not being fully staffed as needed. I did recall a cashier from the first store that stated to return the following day around 3 pm and the first and or second shift staff should have a substantial portion of the stock cleared. I am still determined to get the items that are on my shopping list during the time of this writing. 

Just now I heard that many news stations are reporting to stock up on all produce because a shortage of all meat is coming.

I’m highly aware that truck drivers play a vital role in getting all types of deliveries to all businesses of all sizes. But all these various outlets for obtaining delivered goods are big business, from the many trucking companies to the US Postal Service and all the companies that supply similar needs such as UPS and FedEx, all of which are currently behind with gifts from the Christmas holiday that just passed. I did receive three gifts within the first week of January, these gifts had to be opened some days long after the Christmas tree had been taken down, but I was still incredibly happy that those gifts had eventually come.

Very late arrival of gifts from the past holiday is a situation due to Covid-19 keeping people from work but not necessary from going out and in addition having a desire to still not wear a mask in public gatherings. I had even heard a couple of jokes from these no-mask-wearing people about other people that wear a mask when driving as the only person within the vehicle. If you think about it, you could have just forgotten to remove your mask, it’s not like a person that may drive alone sometimes believes at any point in time that the Covid-19 will just out of nowhere attack them within their vehicle.

I have discovered during the previous month, due to the gathering of friends and family that an alarmingly large portion of these characters have not been vaccinated as they should have already. I noticed as well when I had been to large gatherings in various locations, it’s always one or even maybe a few that may appear to give you a look like, the common guy really, don’t anybody else have a mask on but you. But then I look around and to my Suprise, I am the only one with my mask on or I am one of two people total that appear to be during their best to follow the mask in public.

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