Many setbacks | Covid Journals

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Many setbacks | Covid Journals

I was experiencing many setbacks with my grocery shopping routine, as did many other people as well. I had started to find often myself attending at least three grocery stores and the following day going to the third and even a fourth store maybe. Covid-19 was having a huge negative effect on many people in many ways. People were suffering from the ongoing aftermath due to the breakout of Covid-19. 
The aftermath of Covid-19 has taken its toll on all kinds of business establishments in many ways that are threatening a business’s overall well-being. Very often, a manager and or worker from various stores will state, oh we just waiting on the delivery truck so come back on a specific date at a certain time. Many other people that are close to me and I had mentioned to us how you could come back twice and either the store will still be waiting on the delivery truck and or the manager and a worker will give a delivery date and time again. 
Many stores with different offerings were hit hard by the outbreak of Covid-19. The situation with Covid-19 is still having a major effect on the economy but due to many state governments making the ultimate decision to open many cities again had the money-making game up and going again around the world. Many people started working again and thus people had started going out with Covid-19 lurking nearby. 

Jerome Pryor 

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