Bomb Threat Preparedness

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Bomb Threat Preparedness 

Bomb threat preparedness is teaching people how to prepare if there is ever a bomb threat. At Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) campus security and police are responsible for the bomb threat preparedness program. Tri-C faculty, staff, and students are all affected by bomb threats. There are no drills and events. People can find information about bomb threat preparedness at under campus police under emergency procedures.  

According to Tri-C website bomb threat preparedness is very important so people can be safe and protected. “People need to be aware of threats,” says Clayton Harris chief of police.  “Tri-C has put things in place to make students and faculty more aware and be prepared for a bomb threat.”  

Tri-C website has a list of things that a person should do if they receive a bomb threat such as listen carefully and write down everything that is being said and write down the exact time of the phone call and keep the caller on the line as long as possible. A person should ask where the bomb is and when it will go off while trying to determine the characteristics of the caller like age, gender and if the person has an accent. Another important thing is to listen for background noise. Finally call police dispatch at 216-987-4911 right after finishing the call.  

According to chief Harris, “there should be a level of awareness to threats but not too much because there could be some people that could get ideas.” People should know about bomb threat preparedness because we are in a world today where things are happing and the climate we are in today.   

“Learning to remain calm is important,” says Tri-C student Michael De la Cruise. “The right preparedness depends on where you are such as your home, work, or another location.” 

“There should be a safety plan in place so people can be safe,” says Lindsay Milam, professor of college composition.  “There should be at least training and bomb threat training for everyone including students and faculty.”  

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