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What I Think About Promote the Vote | Blog

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Tri-C students feel they have a lot to gain and lose, in this year’s election. Whether it’s the future of voting rights, funding for public education, the rights of minority students, or other issues like action on climate change and gun safety. Student voters feel the heat and are out on every campus promoting the vote and talking about the importance of having a voice in our democracy. 

Alma Rodriguez, Metro Campus Senator, says she has always been concerned about our democracy. “I grew up in a lower-income Hispanic community. I never felt like our voices as a community were heard,” says Rodriguez. “I’ve come to the realization that voting really does change everything and I’ve seen that change for the better.” 

One common obstacle to voting is “not understanding what candidates really stand for,” according to Student Engagement Manager Nache Jones. “This November, the differences in the candidates’ positions on public education are stark. Some support freezing or lowering funding of public education and others support increasing funding, making community college tuition-free, and canceling student debt.”   

Tri-C’s Department of Government Relations has provided many resources to students to register to vote, learn how to vote, and research for whom to vote. These resources are available to all students so that they feel prepared to join the electoral struggle as informed voters. 

“Taking that time to reflect on voting helps you reflect on who you are as a person,” asserts Rodriguez. “I would like to see more students helping with get-out-the-vote.” 

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