First-time runner, Ashley Duffy, races for a new sport at Tri-C

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First-time runner, Ashley Duffy, races for a new sport at Tri-C 

Ashley Duffy

By: Johnny Kilroy

Representing your country is more than an honor, it is a privilege. With Team USA being a part of the Olympics, they are determined to pick the best of the best for each sport that they compete in. One sport that brings excitement to a specific duo is ice dancing.  

Eva Pate and Logan Bye are an up and coming duo competing to represent the United States in the 2026 Winter Olympics. Expectations are high as they have already medaled second place three times in international competitions this season. The duo is currently competing in the Grand Prix de France, which is an International Skating Union sequence of ice dancing competitions. 

“Our goal for the Olympics is to have two really nice clean skates that reflect Logan and my four years skating together,” Pate said, adding that “the Olympic Games are a very difficult competition to get into because the USA only takes three ice dance teams.” 

On the ice, they have a connection like no other. Off the ice, the connection continues as they announced their engagement this year in August. The duo has been ice dancing together since 2019 after meeting in Novi, Michigan while training at the same facility.  

Pate was born in Cleveland, has been skating since she was 6, and is a member of the Strongsville Skating Club. She moved to Canton, Michigan in 2014 after watching the 2014 Olympics and realizing she wanted to be a competitive ice dancer.  

Bye was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado and has been skating since 2001. He moved to Novi, Michigan to train after winning the novice title at the 2013 U.S. Championships. “He was kind and nice,” Pate said of Bye when she first met him.  

They like to think of skating as their job and their home as their home. “To make sure we both stay focused, we keep our home life and skating life two separate things,” Pate said. “Competing for your spot in the Olympics means you need to set distractions aside and keep your eyes on the prize.” 

Looking down the line, Pate sees Bye and herself staying involved in ice dancing. “I will probably still be skating or coaching for sure,” she said. “I really enjoy the sport so I know a part of me will still be a part of it. I keep trying to take every skating season year by year, up until the Olympic season. It’s good to have those goals to make the Olympic team, but again it is very difficult to make the team” 

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