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Bloom The Wings – Art By Izabela Zoga 

“Once upon a time in the Southerland of Albania, a little baby girl was born in the year 1987. This little girl was me. Even though I was born during the communist regime, I was a girl full of life. I remember when the night was falling, I would close my eyes and lost in my imagination.

Above Page (1) and Below Page (2) | Bloom The Wings – Art By Izabela Zoga 

It was like a game that I created to isolate myself from the gray that covered the city. The more I grew up, the bigger these dreams became. I created large creatures with big heads that fought with heroes who wanted to save the city. I dreamed of becoming a painter, flying in the edges of the sky and there was always a butterfly in my head that always followed me.”  

Above Page (3) and Below Page (4) | Bloom The Wings – Art By Izabela Zoga 

“Bloom the wings” is the title of my first book with illustrations and the first paragraph is the introduction of the book. The book will tell the story of my life with 12 illustrations drawn by me. The content of the book will show my personal and emotional development as well as my glow-up to the woman I am today. The butterfly will be at the center of each illustration to figuratively show my change from childhood to now. Each illustration will have an extra page with text to explain the illustrations better. In total, the book will have twenty-four pages plus the cover. The tone of the book will have the feel of a comic book because one page will be divided and show different scenes having butterflies in common. And each block/scene will have an explanation. The tone will also be warm and theatrical.   

Above Page (5) and Below Page (6) | Bloom The Wings – Art By Izabela Zoga 

The Primary Audience are women because the purpose of my story is to inspire and motivate them. I believe that true stories can change someone’s life. And I think that people need examples and not to make them moral on how to live their life.   

This was an individual Project in VC2541, and I thank my teacher Suzanne Meola who helped me successfully finished this project in her class.  

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