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Good Times at Tri-C | Blogs

Growing up, I went to school because I was made to. As I got older, I went to school because I wanted to. But now, I am really enjoying my time as a student at Tri-C.  

I get to learn a lot of the things I always wanted to learn while growing up as a teenager. I get to meet so many other students who are pursuing their educational goals (and seem to really enjoy it like me). I get to converse with so many passionate staff and faculty members who, unwaveringly, ensure that everyone feels welcomed at the College. 

Metro Student Services | Image by Christina Easter 

As a writer for this publication, I have the privilege of learning what’s going on at each of the campuses as well as what’s on the mind of people I am in community with. Because of The Voice, I have the honor to write for other local news magazines and publications which has thrust me into knowing what is going on civically, politically, and economically in Northeast Ohio.  

Yeah, you can watch and listen to the news on your television, computer, or smart device but are you really grasping what is being said?  

Metro Student Services | Image by Christina Easter 

Doing live tweeting during Cleveland City Council meetings has made me realize, I didn’t know what was going on in the city where I live, I just heard about it. After covering my first couple of meetings I watched thinking shamelessly to myself, “oh, that’s how that street, building, and event happened.” 

Wherever I end up professionally in five or ten years, I will always carry in my mind and spirit the saying “it’s the journey not the destination that counts.” 

Metro Student Services | Image by Christina Easter 

My experience and growth as a writer are the biggest thing that makes it a good time to be a Tri-C family member.

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