Tri-C Offers Some Spoils for Senior Students

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Tri-C Offers Some Spoils for Senior Students 

Tri-C physical attendance rates may have fallen since the pandemic, but it’s still one of the most popular community colleges in the state. The reasons for that vary, but one major reason is because of the low tuition costs. Many students attend on a full-ride scholarship or financial aid package. But registering and attending classes, even at a local community college, can seem daunting for the older crowd. Fortunately, Tri-C has special options for potential students and community members who have experienced life at least into their 50s and 60s, possibly even raised their own children, and are now in the position to focus on themselves for a change.  

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For over 45 years, Tri-C has sponsored a program called “Encore 55+ Learning”. As stated in the title, the program is for all interested adults who are curious or brave enough to learn new skills, either at extremely reduced rates or for free. Available classes are offered at the beginning or in the middle of each semester, and they are all non-credit courses. That means you’re welcome to sign up for any available class that strikes your fancy, but it won’t count towards a certificate or degree. But whether you’re interested in art, botany, cooking, fitness, technology, or what have you, there’s plenty to discover at any age.  

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Tri-C also offers “Program 60” which once again, is for potential students or simply knowledge fanatics who seek non-degree courses. All these classes are completely free, not only for current and upcoming Tri-C students over 60, but for anyone of that age within the community as well. There are some registration requirements, and the program does not cover the cost of additional books and supplies. But signing up to take even non-credit classes allows anyone to use all facilities within all Tri-C campuses for free. Community members who prefer using the Tri-C recreational facilities and scoring special local discounts without taking extra classes can enjoy an annual membership for just $100. Be sure to log into your my-tri-c space or visit and for more information.

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