Tri-C’s Corporate College offers a certificate in Digital Learning Design

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Tri-C’s Corporate College offers a certificate in Digital Learning Design  

Corporate College, a division of Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) offers a new Digital Learning Design Professional Certificate through its partnership with the Digital Learning Institute (DLI). This new program is for individuals interested in learning how to develop curriculum using digital design software that makes teaching more interactive, engaging, and exciting.  

Students will achieve end-to-end digital learning experiences with industry and globally recognized online and virtual courses designed for people looking to build a career as a digital learning professional. 

Tri-C’s Corporate College offers a certificate in Digital Learning Design |
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“The Digital Design Learning program is for individuals who are looking at teaching from a digital lens,” said Suzanne Ortiz, director of open enrollment programs at Corporate College. “A lot of the faculty members at Corporate College probably have instructional design experience because they create their own courses. Educators who teach early and middle childhood education, secondary education, and at the collegiate level would also benefit from completing the program. 

If you like technology, design, and content building this is the program for you.” 

The courses are developed by DLI’s team of experts to help educators and learning professionals become experts in digital learning. During study, participants will learn core instructional design skills for all forms of digital learning which includes videos, multimedia eLearning, micro learning, podcasts, social learning, and immersive learning.  

Students can register for the online course which is self-paced or the cohort course which allows students to engage with peers and an instructor. Both courses must be completed within specified time frames and includes activities and knowledge checks in which students complete design projects that can be used for their portfolio.  

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to demonstrate instructional skills for many forms of digital learning that will allow them to work seamlessly with subject matter experts.  

“When students go through the program, they will have the most up to date curriculum because it is updated often,” says Ortiz. “We asked some Tri-C instructional design staffers to look at DLI’s curriculum and they think it is amazing and more up to date than other curriculum that they had learned from.” 

One reason Corporate College entered into the partnership with DLI is because there is more digital learning now, than in the past. The College is also one of the first to offer the digital learning design certificate in the United States. 

“We chose to enter into the partnership with DLI because being in the development education professional area, we know that this is something that is thought out from a professional development, college, and k-12 standpoint,” said Ortiz. “So why not offer something that we know is beneficial, industry recognized, and provides students with all the expertise that is in the industry.”  

There are many job opportunities for individuals who complete the digital learning design program, according to Ortiz. “For example, healthcare organizations that provide continuing education to nurses and doctors, would need it. A training provider such as Corporate College which does corporate development needs an instructional designer to come in and create the curriculum.  

Also, anyone who is in the training business who needs to have some type of curriculum created would need an instructional designer.” 

To learn more and register in Corporate College’s digital learning design professional certificate program visit

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