Winter Wash Away: Westshore Student Government Initiative

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Winter Wash Away: Westshore Student Government Initiative

Tri-c Student Government Westshore campus came up with an initiative to serve the students in the winter weather (as cold as forty degrees) and gave away winter car essentials such as washer fluid, first aid kits, seatbelt razors, and head warmers. They also held a draw and gave away Amazon clean-up supplies to one lucky participant.

Winter Wash Away | Jane Salifu

The event was a success, over twenty students showed up and got their cars refilled with washer fluid. Additionally, some students shared how fortuitous the timing of the wash-away fluid given away by the Student Government was because they were about to purchase the fluid for their car, saving them a couple of dollars. 

Winter Wash Away | Jane Salifu

It is not uncommon to see the Student Government talking and giving away thoughtful and essential items to students on campus. The Student Government is available to serve and ensure that students are having a seamless life on campus. They also create awareness for students to take advantage of the available resources in Tri-c. The Student Government are aware that classes could be hectic and sometime student may feel lonely, they compile student concerns to the campus president and ensure that necessary improvements are made for the improvements of student lives on campus. 

Winter Wash Away | Jane Salifu

To meet the students before finals week begins, the Student Government Westshore are hosting a Grab and Go Breakfast, where Danish cookies, coffee, yogurts, and fruits would be available to students at The Atrium of the Westshore Campus on the 3rd of May 2023. The purpose of the event is to wish all students success in their finals and get feedback on their experience on the Westshore campus in the Spring semester so that improvements are made in the fall semester. 

All students are invited.  

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