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by Jasmin Lucas 

Being at Tri-C has been nothing less of a memorable experience in itself. This school has given me hope in times where I believed there was none. I came here as a student who was not sure if she could make something of herself, now as a second year student I am proud to belong to a school that has shown me nothing but support. In that sense, a place where I have received unyielding support has been the Westshore campus LAMBDA GSA club. I have not been a member for long, but I adore the environment of not only the other students in the club, but our advisor, Allison Morgan, who has been nothing less of a big help throughout this semester.  

I was always afraid to show pride in who I am as a person, and seeing how open and proud Westshore’s GSA was had profoundly resonated with me. I used to have caution in wearing pride related pins or stickers but Westshore’s GSA has allowed me to wear them without fear, without rejection. Acceptance was widely assured, even before I had joined the club.  

I know the acceptance shouldn’t be a surprise because Tri-C is not known for hatred after all. Yet the acceptance of a complete stranger at the time was beyond what I had assumed could happen. It has become my go to topic whenever I am asked how accepting Tri-C is of people. Even outside of meetings, our advisor is always willing to talk and help out the students she speaks to. When I had expressed difficulty in knowing where exactly I wanted to go after Tri-C, she connected me with an Academic Advisor that she had complete trust in. She had even walked me over to the office herself, knowing that I was terribly nervous about the whole ordeal.  

In all, Westshore’s LAMBDA GSA club is one of the most accepting places I had ever been and is a memory that is going to stick with me for years to come! 

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