An interview with a Student Government Alumni at Western Campus During the Spring Semester 2023

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An interview with a Student Government Alumni at Western Campus During the Spring Semester 2023 

By Johnathon Morris 

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

JM: What is your name, year and area of study? 

JB: My name is Julius Boateng, and I am a second-year Tri-c nursing student. 

JM:  What position do you hold, and what are your responsibilities? 

JB: I am the vice president of student government, and my responsibility is to carry out the president’s duties in their absence. 

JM:  What has your personal development journey looked like? 

JB: I have gained confidence and improved my leadership abilities. 

JM: Why is it important to be involved on campus? 

JB: It is critical to be involved on campus because it aids in networking, and your network is always your net worth. In addition, you will learn how to interact with people from various backgrounds. 

JM: How do you suggest students get involved at Tri-C? 

JB: I recommend that students get involved in campus organizations in order to learn, have fun, and network. 

JM: When you think of leadership, what comes to mind? 

JB: Leadership is a role that necessitates comprehension, critical thinking, kindness, optimism, and setting a good example for others to follow. 

JM:  Why did you choose to be part of Student Government / the Board Student Scholar? 

JB: I chose to participate in student government in order to learn how to be a good leader and to improve my communication skills. 

JM:  What leader inspires you the most? 

JB: Nelson Mandela 

JM:  How do we proceed as a college community with the current unique challenges being faced? 

JB: Obtaining the opinions of students and faculty will be a good place to start in order to get to the bottom of some of the issues we might face. 

JM:  What work of art in your view should be an icon that symbolizes leadership at Cuyahoga Community College? 

JB: Although I don’t have any artwork that represents leadership at Cuyahoga Community College, I believe that teamwork and good communication are what represents Cuyahoga Community College leadership values the best. 

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