Navigating My Path as a New Student

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by Ore Ofe Oluwajobi

As a fresh face in the bustling halls of Tri-C, my journey into the field of criminal justice began with equal excitement and fear. The fascination of dissecting the intricacies of the law and understanding the underlying mechanisms of justice, most especially for survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, motivated me to pursue this academic pursuit. 

My first semester at Tri-C was a whirlwind of discovery and adjustment. From engaging lectures to engaging group discussions with peers, every moment provided me with an opportunity to broaden my understanding of the criminal justice system. The professors, most especially Professor Rebecca Maleckar, an experienced veteran in this field, illuminated the subject with her wealth of knowledge and authentic experiences, which ignited in me a burning desire to delve into the complexities of the legal landscape. 

As I begin this new semester, my expectations are high. With the fundamental knowledge acquired in the initial courses, I tend to familiarize myself with the unique areas of criminal law. From criminology to forensic psychology, as well as Information Technology in the Criminal Justice System, my goal is to unravel the multifaceted layers that make up the fabric of our justice system. 

Additionally, I look forward to further honing my critical thinking and analytical skills, which are essential tools for any aspiring legal professional. I look forward to immersing myself in extracurricular activities and internships outside the classroom and taking every opportunity to gain hands-on experience and make meaningful connections in the field. 

However, I do not feel the challenges ahead. Balancing academic pursuits and personal commitments requires diligence and flexibility. However, I am encouraged by the unwavering support of the Tri-C community, a sign of leadership and encouragement in times of uncertainty. 

Overall, my journey as a student at Tri-C is not just about gaining knowledge; it is a journey of self-discovery and growth. Each step brings me closer to my pursuit of positive change in the 

field of criminal justice. As I navigate the path forward, I am filled with an unwavering sense of optimism and confidence in my ability to overcome any obstacles that come my way. 

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