Tri-C Broadcasts and Streams some Sports Games, Unbeknownst to many Students.

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By Jonathan Beard

Cuyahoga Community College has a streaming service available for those following athletics at the college. Despite this, many students are unaware of Tri-C’s sports broadcasting. Tri-C uses Boxcast, a live-streaming platform, to stream some of its games and save them for post-stream viewing.  

Currently, eight sports games have been broadcast and saved to Tri-C’s Boxcast channel since September 2023. “We have a production truck, so we film and then stream onto Boxcast.” says Kate Lamb, Program Manager for Tri-C’s Student Production Office. Lamb, who operates the graphics for broadcasts, forwarded a request for comment to Executive Director for TV services Christine Hickey, but The Voice has not currently received a response. Tri-C has also provided links to its Boxcast streams on X, formerly known as Twitter, and the official Tri-C athletics site.  

Many students, however, remain unaware despite this advertising. “This is my first time hearing about it.” said Cyrus Felder, who occasionally follows Tri-C sports. Seven students were asked whether or not they’d heard of the college’s broadcasting, with all of one answering “no.” One student aware of the service was Trevor Bukszar, who follows major sports in the Cleveland, OH area, but not at Tri-C. “I do know that they did that, but I just don’t follow it.” said Bukszar.  

Students interviewed said the college could do a better job of advertising its broadcasts to a wider student audience. “I feel like it should be more advertised.” Bukszar noted. “If I were interested, I would kind of want to see few more posters, or things in the common areas to say, ‘hey the baseball team’s doing alright’ or, the ‘volleyball team’s doing good.’ Something like that.” Felder had a similar response. “They can advertise more in some places. Maybe just where people hang out, they don’t have to go too deep.” 

Many students expressed interest in at least viewing games on the platform given further advertising. “I’d probably look at it,” said Joanna Darby, “but I don’t have much free time, so not much besides that.”  

“Same for me.” said her study partner, Rachal Linville. “But I’m definitely interested.” 

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