An A+ Outfit for an A+ Presentation: How to Dress Confidently for Class Presentations

By Brittany Cleveland, Metro Campus Staff Writer

So, you have an upcoming presentation in front of your professor and classmates. You want to make a good impression. You can feel confident with your speech by being confident with how you look! Prepare your outfit the night before your presentation. Look through your closet to find two possible options. Be mindful that you are going to be in front of an audience, so you do not want to wear anything distasteful.

One option could be a casual top with casual bottoms, and the other a professional outfit of choice. Try each outfit on in the mirror and look at yourself as you present your speech. Feeling confident yet? After practicing your speech in each outfit, you have to think hard about which outfit suits you best.

Ask yourself:

Does this fit right? Am I comfortable in this outfit? Could anyone see my sweat marks if I get nervous? Is this outfit appropriate? But most importantly: Do I feel confident? The outfit you pick should answer all these questions with a stamp of approval. Picking a great outfit, along with a well-rehearsed presentation, will resonate with your audience. You will be unforgettable!

The day of your presentation, wake up well-rested, take a shower, get changed, and conquer the world one outfit at a time. Slay your presentation to the fullest. If you sound like an A+ student, you have to look like an A+ student. You worked hard to prepare for this, and it’s only appropriate that you look like a shining scholar.