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November 2014 archive

Levy Passes

By Bronson Peshlakai JERRY SUE THORNTON CENTER — Cuyahoga County voters decided to pay a little more on their property taxes and approved a levy renewal and an increase to fund Tri-C’s future operating budget. Approving Issue 6 was 57 percent with 185,463 “For the levy” votes, which adds about $ 40 million a year …

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A Place Where Creative Minds Intertwine

CREATIVE ARTS By Jerrell Tyree Minds of Creative Arts is a student club at the Metro Campus diversified with students from recording arts and technology, business, dance, and creative arts programs here at Tri-C — “Where Creative Minds Intertwine.” The club meets on the first floor of the Recording Arts and Technology building in the …

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Treat Yourself to Fine Dining at Metro at a Good Price

Culinary Arts Students Building Career Skills Cooking for You BISTRO 87 By Sara Cormany and Bronson Peshlakai Metro Staff Reporter and Editor After making “puppy chow” desserts from Chex cereal in 7th grade, Mason Mackulin, 20, was inspired to pursue a career in culinary arts, which led him to Tri-C, and Bistro 87. Bistro 87 …

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Tragic Accident Causes Spinal Injuries to Bball Player

Antonio Mason Keeping Spirits Up in Hospital By Bronson Peshlakai Metro Editor Life as he knew it changed, and he didn’t see it coming, or knew what hit him. A few days earlier, Antonio Mason, 22, was a second-year guard on the Tri-C men’s basketball team, conditioning and practicing for their first day on the …

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Cross Country

The Cross Country Trip They Loved By Darryl Maddox Associate Editor. This year the cross-country and track team at Tri-C made their way to Orlando to visit Disneyland and compete in events representing their school. Head coach Dr. Donald Cox spoke about the trip and his hard working team. Cox says, “The defining moment wasn’t …

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Marine Infantryman Applies Military Experience to Life as a Student

PROFILE MARINE By Darryl Maddox Metro Associate Editor After accomplishing his dream right after high school to join the U.S. Marine Corps, a Tri-C student now balances his academics and serving his country in the Reserves. Looking back at his military experience Dennis Clark is proud of his experience and takes an inventory of how …

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